Day 10: Departure Bridget’s Travel Blog


Upon my return, one of my best friends said something wise and insightful to me.  She said it seemed like this trip was like running a marathon. We are excited in the lead-up, we struggle and feel pain during, and we describe it as the most amazing, transformative thing we’ve ever done in the aftermath.

We were up before dawn, before the roosters, in order to catch a flight home leaving just after sunrise. Shortly before sunrise, at 0415, the airline finally gave us the option of rerouting through Dallas rather than trying to plow through the Category 3 hurricane currently making landfall in northern Florida. While I’m beyond excited to be going home to my little family today, I know I’ll miss living the lessons that this trip has taught me.

Over the course of the last 10 days, I have realized that the girl who used to blithely gallivant around the world no longer exists. She has been replaced by a woman with roots.  Sometimes we perceive roots as holding us down, but they also give us stability. Stability to stretch even further beyond our comfort zone than we thought possible. Guatemala, a place I admit I knew next to nothing about prior to this undertaking, got under my skin and into my blood.  Looking forward to finding a way to go back.


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