Highlights from trainings in Guatemala – August 2016

A group of 10 volunteers from the Madison, Wisconsin area (together with Hope2Others) spent 3 weeks in August 2016, in four areas of Guatemala: Chiquimulillia, Sumpango, El Tejar, and Totonicapan implementing the first combined Helping Mothers Survive-Bleeding After Birth & Helping Babies Breathe seminars outside of facilities. We had some difficulty collecting data on all 100 participants but of the 89 learner data we have, there were 68 midwives who identified as registered midwives with the local health clinic, four student midwives, eight nurses, and three nursing assistants. Other learners were also trained, such as a local firefighter, two physicians, a lactation consultant, and two community workers. Age ranged from 18-86.

Results of this training demonstrated statistically significant improvements in both confidence and knowledge for the management of bleeding after birth and neonatal resuscitation, along with high scores for the skills testing. In addition, because of donations and added assistance from Hope2Others, each midwife received a bag with an ambu bag, an infant stethoscope, a suction device, and several baby hats.

Our team also enjoyed many experiences together appreciating Guatemalan culture. We attended a small church service, a dinner hosted by a friend in her home (thanks Nely), a coffee farm tour, a visit to a domestic violence shelter, Lake Atitlan, and trips to the markets. Can’t wait to return!

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