Recent projects in Guatemala

February 2018

A small team of two of us (Kathy, you’re the best!) spent 18 days in Guatemala (in conjunction with Hope2Others) revisiting some of the midwives and teaching Helping Mothers Survive-Bleeding after Birth (HMS-BAB) and Helping Babies Breathe programs in Chiquimullilia. We also completed a 2-day training with midwives in San Marcos La Laguna and at Manos Abiertos in Cuidad Vieja and also met with a doula group to talk about birth options. Statistics to come!

A short presentation to a Rotary group in Guatemala City was a surprise opportunity to discuss future training. We had such great connections with everyone we met! Thanks to the doula group for a great time of sharing and to all the midwives we met. Thanks to so many of our friends for help with lodging, transportation, and interpreting. As always, we were sad to leave.


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One reply on “Recent projects in Guatemala”

It has been a great blessing to be a part of this trainings not only as an interpreter but Nancy allows me to insert information about how to support a breast-feeding mother and also about kangaroo mother care for premature babies!


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